This blog is written by author Sachiko who is not a native speaker of English, so it may be hard to read. It is translated from the summary of Japanese page;

Harvesting first cucumber

"Cafe Dake"


18,000 Yen house rent

Watering inspite of raining

Locating vinyl tunnel in green house

Cucumber in kitchen garden

Baking Nemagaridake

Shirakami Mountains

"Neriya banana"

Akita dog

Scenery while working

Sea breeze and mountain breeze

Saved potato

Weeding field horsetail

Harvest festival of “Nemagaridake”, bamboo shoot(in Tashiro, Odate city)

Mt. Tashiro in Odate makes lots bamboo shoots called “Nemagaridake”, that are soft, narrow and long characteristically. A day in the season, this year was today, the event that you can eat valuable Nemagaridake miso soup is held. In Akita …

Tempura of robinia pseudoacacia

Illuminated roses

Cooking parsley I grew

Universal welsh onion stopping regeneration

Rice fields today

"Kawatsura curry”

It is an instant curry containing the pork and apples, green onions made in Akita. This curry having umami is reproduced from the boardingproviding meals of "Kawatsura Unso", transport company in Yuzawa-shi. I bought it at "Michinoeki Kisa…

Overgrown asparagus

The asparagus in my garden has grown 180 cm, too tall to eat.I get to know the unknown ecology of vegetables thanks to kitchen garden.

Umbrella of Akita butterbur

Akita butterburs in my garden have grown big like umbrella.Its stem is good for food, stewed or pickled.

Fan heater again

When i lived in Yokoska I used heating equipments on November to March or April.I have turned on the kerosene fan heater continuingly today on June here Akita.

Keeping only kerosene fan heater

The weather forecast says that the low under 10℃ will continue for the next several days on June.I have put away the heating equipments except a kerosene fan heater to enjoy the short summer of Akita.

Cute water imp

Izakaya "Akitaya"

Enough for... volume or time?

"Danke Coffee"

Rice planting machine

Wild wisteria

Chloranthus japonicus

"Sakurada Drive-in”

Nice timing sweet

Today I failed to have a breakfast because I had gotten up late.When working in the morning I just happened to meet my former colleague dump truck driver, then he gave me the "Monaka".He speaks Odate dialect with strong accent and I can un…

Growing Japanese long onion

Long onion "Naga-negi" is useful for Japanese hot pot cuisines and so on. They can overwinter after being harvested.

"Satoyama no Cafe Ninigi" (Oga city)

It was an unseasonably hot day today. I visited to the cafe that is renovated of old Japanese-style house standing in rice fields in Oga peninsula. Many Japanese traditional folk houses are built by airy construction. The cafe was pretty c…

Frogs' chorus

My house is surrounded with rice fields "Tanbo". In this season many frogs living in Tanbo sing at night. Anyway, why are you in my kitchen?

Trying greenhouse cultivation

I set my greenhouse for the first time. I am going to cultivate watermelon, various vegetables and fruits.

Rice field filled with water

Many rice fields in Odate are ready to rice-planting.

My blue collar making me happier with drink

The bending machine at my workplace has changed its all items to cold beverages. My job is to drive a heavy truck and unload ready-mixed concrete in construction sites. I feel more delicious now with having drinks on break time than when I…

“Towadako Kougen Wine” made from grapes of Akita

This red wine is made from the grape variety "Wine Grand" which crossed with wild vines, and the grapes are made in Kosaka town. Kosaka and neighboring Aomori prefecture have the beautiful Towadako lake. It is connected with that a lot of …

"Herb Garden Akita Yuri-gyu Beef Curry" (made by Akita New Baio Farm, Yurihonjo city)

This is an instant curry containing high quality Wagyu beef "Yuri-gyu" that had brought up at the natural environment in Yurihonjo-shi. Its complicated ingredients make the curry spicy and tasty. I bought it at "Michinoeki Kisakata Nemu-no…

Mowing weed around rice field

I helped my landlords to mow the weeds of their rice fields. The weed cutter was heavy, and I felt this work is so hard.

Tempura of fatsia sprouts and chengiopanax sciadophylloides

I had never eaten these wild vegetables when I lived in Yokosuka.I can get over severe winter of Akita for them.The taste is wonderful.

Akita is one of the most cheerful places in spring

The winter is so long in Akita. I had lived in several areas in Japan, and I feel happiest here when spring is coming.

Car wash covered with cherry blossom petals

Sakura blossoms are falling on my work place.Japanese sensitivity has loved the beauty from ending of its life since a lot time ago.

Aralia cordata

My acquaintance gave me this wild vegetable she gathered in the mountain.Its unique aroma lets me feel spring.

Farmwork in early morning

I had enjoyed the last holidays too much, and not taken care of my kitchen garden.My landlord who is a farmer lessoned me severely before going to work.

Sun drying of Osmunda japonica

This wild vegetable is stored for long time being dried.Drying with sun sometimes rubbing is little bit hard, but this process makes it wonderful taste.