This blog is written by author Sachiko who is not a native speaker of English, so it may be hard to read. It is translated from the summary of Japanese page;

Attraction, Event

Ayu festival Odate

Mt. Akita-Komagatake

Nishimonai Bon Dancing festival

Tatsuzo Ishikawa

Largest Japanese drum in world

"Lucky Pierrot"


"Tachi-Neputa" festival

"Akita Kanto Matsuri" festival

TV program "NHK Nodo-Jiman" preliminary contest



Grilled Beef Tongue "Rikyu"

Furutobe Onsen

Fireworks in Noshiro

Fireworks in Noshiro

Fireworks over Towada lake

Eco fair and great flea market in Odate

Fireworks above Yoneshiro River in Takanosu

Sake party (Hokushika, BURLEY'sCLUB in Odate)

Trial satellite office Odate

Odate-gurumi Onsen village

Mt. Tashiro

Ayu fishing season

"Cafe Dake"

Shirakami Mountains

Harvest festival of “Nemagaridake”, bamboo shoot(in Tashiro, Odate city)

Mt. Tashiro in Odate makes lots bamboo shoots called “Nemagaridake”, that are soft, narrow and long characteristically. A day in the season, this year was today, the event that you can eat valuable Nemagaridake miso soup is held. In Akita …

Tempura of robinia pseudoacacia

Illuminated roses

Cute water imp

"Sakurada Drive-in”

"Satoyama no Cafe Ninigi" (Oga city)

It was an unseasonably hot day today. I visited to the cafe that is renovated of old Japanese-style house standing in rice fields in Oga peninsula. Many Japanese traditional folk houses are built by airy construction. The cafe was pretty c…

Rice field filled with water

Many rice fields in Odate are ready to rice-planting.

Onsen “Saga-ryokan” (Shimohuro spa area in Kazamaura village, Shimokita district, Aomori Prefecture)

The spa village faced the sea, so I ate the very fresh raw fish Sashimi and delicious foods in the inn. Its common bathroom was compact, but the good hot spring water quality refreshed me. “Saga-ryokan” 【Address】24, Shimohuro, Shimohuro,…

Tanesashi Coast (Hachinohe city, Aomori Prefecture)

The natural grass has grown from water's edge on the shore. I have never seen such scenery in Japan. Tanesashi Coast 【Address】Tanakubo, Samemachi, Hachinohe-shi, Aomori-ken, Japan 【Access from Odate】Mainly for 2-3 hours by car 【Contac…

"Koinobori", carp streamers over pond

Koinobori is a japanese traditional ornament in the shape of carps. In japan the carp is a lucky symbol. We display it at each home or public places for several days around Children's Day to wish the kids to have their great future. Event:…

Akita Dog Exhibition (Odate city)

The Akita is a dog native to Akita Prefecture where has Odate city. Odate is deeply related to Akita inu historically and called the hometown of the Akita. There is an anual event that the Akita from all Japan conpete for their figure or l…

Cherry blossoms in "Kimimachizaka" (Futatsui-town, Noshiro city)

Some of cherry trees, their flowers are falling and the fresh greens have sprouted. Time flies. Kimimachizaka Prefectural Nature Park 【Address】Nakajima, Kotsunagi, futatsui-machi, Noshiro-shi, Akita-ken, Japan 【Contact】Futatsui-town To…

Cherry blossoms along Nagaki river (Odate city)

The cherry trees are now in bloom at some places in Odate.

Cherry blossoms at night (Hirosaki Castle, Aomori Prefecture)

Last night I saw the beautiful cherry blossoms lit brightly at Hirosaki Castle and Hirosaki Park where is about an hour’s drive away from Odate. Event: Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival ( 【Date】to…

Onsen “Shohoen” (Kowakubi spa village, Daisen city)

This hot spring is through the rice fields in the rural landscape. It is a member of Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns, and opened to day use too. The building is a registered tangible cultural property. Onsen ryokan inn “Shoho…

Dedicating sacred rope “Shimenawa” to Idegawa zelkova tree (Wakaki Shrine ceremony, Odate city)

I visited the event of making Shinto festoon “Shimenawa” at Idegawa area in Odate last month. Today the rope was dedicated for the sacred tree“Idegawa-no-Keyaki”. For a year the rope is listed, then the residents will make the new one on A…

Onsen “Nagominoyado Himenoyu” (Kazuno city)

This hot spring is at Yuze spa village where is surrounded by beautiful mountains and Yoneshiro river, and good to access for Hachimantai sightseeing spot. It is an inn and opened to day use too. (In the bath taking picture is not permitte…

“Matobi”, firelight for ancestor(in Kitaakita-gun Kamikoani-mura, Kitaakita-shi)

Yesterday was Vernal Equinox Holiday. The mountain villages in this area has had an event that people kindle firelight to mourn for their ancestor at night. Several days before and after the holiday, we hold a Buddhist mass for the decease…

Traditional dyeing “Shikon-zome” & “Akane-zome” exhibition(in Hanawa, Kazuno city)

“Shikon-zome” is dyed with Lithospermum erythrorhizon, “Akane-zome” with Rubia akane, they are vegetable dyeing. They have been inherited in this area for long time because Kazuno has a lot of the materials naturally. Event: Traditional Dy…

Sacred rope “Shimenawa” for zelkova tree living over a thousand years (made in Idegawa, Odate city)

The zelkova tree “Idegawa-no-Keyaki” stands at Idegawa area in Odate. The tree has been living over millennium. It has 5 trunks from one root, and its perimeter of the stump is about 28 meter. People here cherish it, think the god is in, m…