This blog is written by author Sachiko who is not a native speaker of English, so it may be hard to read. It is translated from the summary of Japanese page;

Old Japanese-style house, Kitchen garden

Over time work and beer

Blooming Jerusalem artichoke flower

Moon and shamisen

Having arrived stink bug

Failing to starting winter preparation

Cooking bitter gourd I grew

Making pasta dish with summer vegetable

Cooking paprika I grew

Paprika changing color

Bitter gourd bearing fruit

seasonal change of clothing

Down quilt futon

Blooming Japanese ginger flower

Understanding bug

Eating Edamame green soybean I grew

Eating corn I grew

Watermelon at veranda

Cooking rocket I grew

In vinyl house jungle

Harvesting first bottle gourd

A melon cup of wine


Harvesting potato

Bassia scoparia

Finding hidden watermelon

Sliding door of Japanese traditional pattern

Morning glory


Prince melon

Watermelon bearing fruit