This blog is written by author Sachiko who is not a native speaker of English, so it may be hard to read. It is translated from the summary of Japanese page;

Traditional dyeing “Shikon-zome” & “Akane-zome” exhibition(in Hanawa, Kazuno city)

“Shikon-zome” is dyed with Lithospermum erythrorhizon, “Akane-zome” with Rubia akane, they are vegetable dyeing.

They have been inherited in this area for long time because Kazuno has a lot of the materials naturally.


Event: Traditional Dyeing “Shikon-zome” & “Akane-zome” on Display in the Streets

【Date】To March 20th 2017

【Address】Omachi & Shinmachi shopping streets in Hanawa, Kazuno-shi, Akita-ken, Japan

【Promotor】Kazuno Shikon-zome & Akane-zome Kenkyukai(


The information is as of March 19th 2017.