This blog is written by author Sachiko who is not a native speaker of English, so it may be hard to read. It is translated from the summary of Japanese page;

Neighboring or related area

Oktoberfest in Akita

Kiritanpo festival Odate

Dried sardine ramen

Moon and shamisen

Having arrived stink bug

Cooking bitter gourd I grew

Lycoris radiata in bloom

Bitter gourd bearing fruit

Mt. Moriyoshi dam curry

Omagari Fireworks Festival

Mt. Akita-Komagatake

"Lucky Pierrot"


"Ramen shop Aji-Q Takanosu"

"Tachi-Neputa" festival

TV program "NHK Nodo-Jiman" preliminary contest


Grilled Beef Tongue "Rikyu"

Furutobe Onsen

"Ikinari Steak"

Fireworks over Towada lake

Eco fair and great flea market in Odate

Trial satellite office Odate

Bottle gourd

Shirakami Mountains

Sea breeze and mountain breeze

Saved potato

Harvest festival of “Nemagaridake”, bamboo shoot(in Tashiro, Odate city)

Mt. Tashiro in Odate makes lots bamboo shoots called “Nemagaridake”, that are soft, narrow and long characteristically. A day in the season, this year was today, the event that you can eat valuable Nemagaridake miso soup is held. In Akita …

Cute water imp

Izakaya "Akitaya"