This blog is written by author Sachiko who is not a native speaker of English, so it may be hard to read. It is translated from the summary of Japanese page;

Neighboring or related area

Mt. Akita-Komagatake

"Lucky Pierrot"


"Ramen shop Aji-Q Takanosu"

"Tachi-Neputa" festival

TV program "NHK Nodo-Jiman" preliminary contest


Grilled Beef Tongue "Rikyu"

Furutobe Onsen

"Ikinari Steak"

Fireworks over Towada lake

Eco fair and great flea market in Odate

Trial satellite office Odate

Bottle gourd

Shirakami Mountains

Sea breeze and mountain breeze

Saved potato

Harvest festival of “Nemagaridake”, bamboo shoot(in Tashiro, Odate city)

Mt. Tashiro in Odate makes lots bamboo shoots called “Nemagaridake”, that are soft, narrow and long characteristically. A day in the season, this year was today, the event that you can eat valuable Nemagaridake miso soup is held. In Akita …

Cute water imp

Izakaya "Akitaya"

Enough for... volume or time?

Wild wisteria

“Towadako Kougen Wine” made from grapes of Akita

This red wine is made from the grape variety "Wine Grand" which crossed with wild vines, and the grapes are made in Kosaka town. Kosaka and neighboring Aomori prefecture have the beautiful Towadako lake. It is connected with that a lot of …

Akita is one of the most cheerful places in spring

The winter is so long in Akita. I had lived in several areas in Japan, and I feel happiest here when spring is coming.

Onsen “Saga-ryokan” (Shimohuro spa area in Kazamaura village, Shimokita district, Aomori Prefecture)

The spa village faced the sea, so I ate the very fresh raw fish Sashimi and delicious foods in the inn. Its common bathroom was compact, but the good hot spring water quality refreshed me. “Saga-ryokan” 【Address】24, Shimohuro, Shimohuro,…

Tanesashi Coast (Hachinohe city, Aomori Prefecture)

The natural grass has grown from water's edge on the shore. I have never seen such scenery in Japan. Tanesashi Coast 【Address】Tanakubo, Samemachi, Hachinohe-shi, Aomori-ken, Japan 【Access from Odate】Mainly for 2-3 hours by car 【Contac…

Akita Dog Exhibition (Odate city)

The Akita is a dog native to Akita Prefecture where has Odate city. Odate is deeply related to Akita inu historically and called the hometown of the Akita. There is an anual event that the Akita from all Japan conpete for their figure or l…

Cherry blossoms at night (Hirosaki Castle, Aomori Prefecture)

Last night I saw the beautiful cherry blossoms lit brightly at Hirosaki Castle and Hirosaki Park where is about an hour’s drive away from Odate. Event: Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival ( 【Date】to…

Narcissus in bloom

The yellow and white flowers are blooming everywhere in Odate. When I lived in Yokosuka, I often saw narcissuses in winter. I feel again that I am in the snow country.

Convenience store with vast parking lots

In Akita, or maybe rural areas in all Japan, we see the convenience stores having parking lots many cars also large trucks can park in. I was surprised at first, because urban shops often have no parking space.

Positional relation of Akita Prefecture

Bullet train, JR East Shinkansen runs within about 100 minutes from the metropolitan Tokyo to Sendai that is the biggest city in Tohoku area where has Akita. It takes about 120 minutes by Shinkansen from Sendai to Akita. There is the image…

Wasao's pull back car

Akita dog “Wasao” that is popular for its funny face is riding on the toy mini truck. He lives in Ajigasawa, Aomori next to Akita.

Beautiful mistress of “Edo-Kouta” from Akita

Ms. Kasuga Toyo Shibaho who is my teacher of “Edo-Kouta” in Tokyo, traditional short song of Japan, is from Akita. We say that women from Akita are beautiful. In fact, she is the most typical.

Apple-patterned packing tape

The neighbor Aomori prefecture is famous for producing apples. While driving to Aomori I got this cute item at the farmer's store.