This blog is written by author Sachiko who is not a native speaker of English, so it may be hard to read. It is translated from the summary of Japanese page;

Snow, Winter, Anti cold

Tempura of pond smelt

Hachirogata lake in Akita is famous for smelt fishing on ice. My landlord caught and gave me some. I fried and ate them, and thought that winter was not bad.

Snow removal exercise

Useful shovel

Mind gutter covered with snow

Frosen car window on cold day

Appreciating sun

Broccoli putting out flower bud

Snow fence protecting window

Boots of "Mitsuuma" brand

This shoes maker is at Otaru city, Hokkaido where is the northernmost of Japan and heavy snow area. I think they are non-slip, in fact, I have fallen down only two times in two years. The information is as of November 21th 2017.


Light snowfall on rice field

First snow falling in this season

What I thought when my car slipped

First time my car slipped

Studless tire

Baking sweet potato on woodstove

Oktoberfest in Akita

Dried sardine ramen

Having arrived stink bug

Failing to starting winter preparation

Cooking bitter gourd I grew

Bitter gourd bearing fruit

seasonal change of clothing

Down quilt futon

Morning dew and rice field

Haze in Odate

18,000 Yen house rent

Locating vinyl tunnel in green house

Sea breeze and mountain breeze

Fan heater again

When i lived in Yokoska I used heating equipments on November to March or April.I have turned on the kerosene fan heater continuingly today on June here Akita.